The right glass ?


The right glass ? 

In Cognac the recommended glass is relatively small, clear and 'tulip' shaped.

The essential factor is that the mouth of the glass is slightly narrower than the body or bowl, we can observe this same principle in the graduated glass used by Scottish tasters, the graduations are there to allow precise additions of water. This shape allows aromas to rise to the nose in a progressive manner and militates against the use of very large brandy balloons, at least for analytical tasting. One cannot deny the imagery and the pleasure procured by cradling this type of glass in the palm of the hand.

Some of the world's most prestigious restaurants serve their best Cognacs in a gigantic 'ballon' glass.  The aroma of the Cognac rises straight to the nose, thus aggressing the smell.
True connoisseurs choose a smaller glass in a 'tulip' shape, Containing 13cl, it should only be filled with 2.5cl.  In such a glass the aroma is concentrated before revealing itself steadily, allowing time to discover its subtle fragrance, observe its delicate color and mellow before even sipping it.

The preference to the 'tulip' glass was confirmed recently when 50 of the world’s best sommeliers and tasters came together in Cognac for the second International Cognac Summit (25 to 28 January 2009).
In a tasting of the same Cognac served in 10 different glasses, the tulip glass was a clear favourite. The reason? Its full bowl and narrow neck concentrate the spirit’s complex aromas and then release them subtly and progressively.

So, if, like the pros, you too want to find aromas of violet, apricot, almond, honey, cinnamon, leather and sandalwood in your glass of Cognac, you might want to try the tulip.

For tasting old Cognacs (XO, Extra…) and other old spirits, the 'tulip' glass, thanks to its full bowl and narrow neck,concentrate the spirit’s complex aromas and then release them subtly and progressively.

Consolation for the balloon glass, it is relatively more appreciated by women than by men...

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