Welcome to Le Cognac, the global rendez-vous for Cognac amateurs and sommeliers around the world.

This site was founded in 1996, in the very beginnings of the WWW. Since then, we have been telling the story of Cognac, the Liquor of Angels and the people who make it. We have focused our coverage on the less known Cognac houses, often family owned and operated, who sometimes produce just a few thousands bottles a year that traditionally were bought up by the high-end restaurant community in France. Thanks to the Internet a few of those artisan houses have seen their creations reach amateurs in the five continents and perhaps avoided being crushed by the sheer effect of industrialization.

My family has been making Cognac since 1715 (yes, this is three centuries!) and my personal commitment to Le Cognac and its people is deeper and a lot more significant than the run-of-the-mill commercial undertaking of selling a few bottles of booze. Some Cognacs will take the concerted efforts of three or four generations; how many industries are there in which a product is set into production to be completed by one’s great-grandson?

Cognac is an extraordinary product of human will and ingenuity. And Le Cognac is here to bring it to the people who can appreciate it no matter where they are.

Through Le Cognac you will be able to get hold of the 300-odd labels in our careful selection among the 800 existing Cognac brands, but then also to find and privately order the rarest blends and precious bottles. The Best Cognacs on Earth, indeed.

Of course, you will also have access to the tasting notes and the enlightened writings of Magnus Lindkvist, who defines himself (oh so modestly!) as "an ever relaxed, cognac-sipping, sunset-gazing philosopher." We hope to take you to a new, higher, level of knowledge and understanding of Cognac and the Cognac culture. The level that goes beyond the mere sales-pitch platitudes and represents a niche of refinement, elegance and subtlety.

Wherever you happen to be located in this global world, through Le Cognac you will be able to reach and communicate with other like-minded amateurs and share into the true love of the art-de-vivre. Our motto is “Cognac is a challenge for the senses and a journey for the mind” and we certainly mean it.

Be heartily welcome

Chantal Martell

Le Cognac


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Le Cognac is dedicated to further the presence of the small Cognac Houses in the global market.
It is present in the USA through its participation in Cognac Inc, a licensed importer of high-end Cognacs
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