Pappy’s Bourbon Heisted in Kentucky

The number of heists of high-end liquors continues to grow. Now it was the turn of bourbon: 65 cases of Pappy Van Winkle, one of the USA’s most expensive bourbons, vanished from its warehouse in…Continue reading «Pappy’s Bourbon Heisted in Kentucky»

Rémy Martin Cherche la Femme

I mean, ok, I admire the French inventiveness in many fields, but above all, when it comes to luxury. And this time around, Remy Martin has really done it again. They were (they still are!)…Continue reading «Rémy Martin Cherche la Femme»

Everything is quiet in the market and in the neighbourhood (in 1890)

Cognac has been Cognac (you know what I mean) for about five centuries. Now that the mirage of the Chinese Eldorado appears to be fading in the distance, it is a sensible moment to look…Continue reading «Everything is quiet in the market and in the neighbourhood (in 1890)»

The Wines and Spirits Review – 1879

The two grand houses who incontestably frame the laws’ on the export market, Messrs Hennessy and Martell, have just fixed the quotations of 1878 at 180 fr. per hectolitre the 1877′s have been advanced 25 fcs, and the other years 20 fcs, which puts the 1877′s at 195 fcs, the 1875′s at 220 fcs. the 1874′s at JMO fcs, the 1872′s at 270 fcs, and the 1870′s at 285 fcs. The Cognacs and three stars in case are maintained at preceding prices. Continue reading «The Wines and Spirits Review – 1879»

French Gov agency warns of money laundering in vineyard sales to foreigners

TRACFIN is the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance's office in charge of enforcing the rules against money laundering and fiscal evasion. The analysis of denunciations received by TRACFIN in the last three years…Continue reading «French Gov agency warns of money laundering in vineyard sales to foreigners»

Congratulations to Frapin

In the International Spirits Challenge, more than 50 professionals participated in a blind tasting contest in awarding rankings for taste, aroma, appearance and finish. The Frapin Cognac House won both a gold medal and the…Continue reading «Congratulations to Frapin»

The Image of Cognac (1)

The image of Cognac is an asset for the whole industry, small manufacturers, distillers or the big houses who count their production in millions of bottles. Marketing is a science but it is also an…Continue reading «The Image of Cognac (1)»

The extraordinary marketing story of Absolut

The phenomenal success of Absolut Vodka is perhaps a lesson for all who toil in the Cognac industry. In a sense, it is even an example, a rare example, of a success of a state-owned…Continue reading «The extraordinary marketing story of Absolut »

Cognac, a global town of 20,000

Cognac as a global place Some cynic said once that Cognac’s best triumph ever was being by the Charente river. Easy communication from the producing region to the Atlantic coast was undoubtedly a major component…Continue reading «Cognac, a global town of 20,000»

Cognac in Asia: Earthquake and Stockpiling

It was like a premonition, the kind of event superstitious people find irresistible. Yesterday in Wellington, New Zealand, they had a 6.5 strong earthquake. No one was harmed, but there was one victim that made…Continue reading « Cognac in Asia: Earthquake and Stockpiling»