And they call it Passion XO Good Grief!

Atlanta is the sort of place where no idea is too crazy and where one can drink the weirdest concoctions invented by American ingenuity to get boozed out into oblivion.  Now, no taste here, I…

Auction at the Crillon Hotel. Black Pearl just $11,830

I used to love the Crillon Hotel. They are now to renovate the place (which will more probably than not become even more expensive, I'm afraid) and so they organized an auction of part of…Continue reading «Auction at the Crillon Hotel. Black Pearl just $11,830»

Surprise, surprise, US made Brandy booms even for export

Let me quote form Cognac Business yesterday: The production of brandy in the USA has had a dramatic  increase between Jan 2012 and Jan 2013, from 575,000 gallons to 685,000, a 19.1% increase, according to…Continue reading «Surprise, surprise, US made Brandy booms even for export»

Whisky Down, Cognac Up in China

Like Bobby Dylan would put it, The Times Are A'changing. Have a look at what writes Hong Kong's Brandy Business: According to the Shanghai-based First Financial Daily, the government’s call for moderation of extravagant consmption…Continue reading «Whisky Down, Cognac Up in China»

Courvoisier, Napoleon’s Cognac?

Courvoisier  is owned by Beam Inc. It is based in the town of Jarnac in the Charente department of France very close to Cognac. The company's legende says that their Cognac was the favorite of…Continue reading «Courvoisier, Napoleon’s Cognac?»

Heist of a Southern Wine and Spirits Cognac container, valued at a USD 250,000

Something is weird these days around Southern Wine and Spirits. They were just targeted in a heist that reminds the Elliot Ness times of prohibition's hijacking of trucks of booze. Only now the criminals steal by the container,…Continue reading «Heist of a Southern Wine and Spirits Cognac container, valued at a USD 250,000»

Counterfeiters Target Cognac Brands (1)

Counterfeit Cognac, whisky, vodka, rum and other spirits are a growing problem going well beyond the image of the individual bootlegger making moonshine in the backyard. Counterfeit liquor has already become an industry. Sales of…Continue reading «Counterfeiters Target Cognac Brands (1)»

Plasticizers, the fatal word that haunts everyone in Cognac.

The sword of Damocles hanging above the throne of the King of Liquors, held at the pommel only by the single hair of the horse's tail of the Chinese authorities whim. The scandal has been…Continue reading «Plasticizers, the fatal word that haunts everyone in Cognac.»

Bacardi, Miami, Cognac and Fidel Castro (1)

Living in the Caribbean gives you a certain understanding for what Gabriel Garcia Marquez calls "magic realism." I cannot tell you how exactly things work out in this part of the world; that goes well…Continue reading «Bacardi, Miami, Cognac and Fidel Castro (1)»

Las Vegas Casino Opens Cognac Den

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas just opened a Cognac lounge! I think this is yet another sign of the recovered –or newly acquired, it depends on how you look at it- notoriety of Cognac. In fact, I…Continue reading «Las Vegas Casino Opens Cognac Den»