Louis Vuitton for Luxurious Whistle-blowers

Once in while you find one of those objects that you know you won’t forget for the rest of your life. I still remember the gigantic doll that my older sister got for her birthday…Continue reading «Louis Vuitton for Luxurious Whistle-blowers»

Luxury isn’t synonymous of frivolity

In the 18th century, David Hume, a rare case of economist who could even think straight (that was so then) wrote a glorious essay on luxury. He thought that a taste for luxury was a…Continue reading «Luxury isn’t synonymous of frivolity »

Eight Cognac Brands among the 100 best-sellers in duty-free shops

Cognac being the luxury liquor, it is naturally one of the ideal products for the duty-free market. I read in the French press that eight Cognac brands have made it into the list of the…Continue reading «Eight Cognac Brands among the 100 best-sellers in duty-free shops»

Louis XIII in the Minibar

Where do you think is the world's top casino market? What? Las Vegas? Wrong! It's Macau. The tiny former Portuguese colony close to Hong Kong but a lot more freewheeling when it comes to gambling….Continue reading «Louis XIII in the Minibar»