The Economist on China’s disquieting politics

Analects, the Economist enlightened commentator on all things Chinese, has published a very good post headlined "Political rebalancing Tilting Backwards" You can read it here: Yet, I think one subtle point is missing in his…Continue reading «The Economist on China’s disquieting politics»

List of distilled liquors

Marvin Glynn from Sidney asks me to give a comprehensive list of distilled liquors. Well, it won't be comprhensive, since human ingenuity is bottomless when it comes to produce liquor, but here you have a…Continue reading «List of distilled liquors»

On the Economics of Cognac (1)

Land prices through the roof May 2013. It's Pandemonium in The little world of Cognac: The prices for the liquor of angels seem to have joined them in the clouds, and by extension, the land…Continue reading «On the Economics of Cognac (1)»

Bringing it All Back Home

I'm Back! I have to apologize for this long hiatus of silence. I have spent lot of time and energy to solve a bunch of that sort of silly tribulations that life imposes sometimes on…Continue reading «Bringing it All Back Home»

On the Economics of Cognac

  China, Cognac and All That Chantal Martell has asked me the other day to write about the economics of Cognac, and she hates taking a no for an answer. “Please, write about the situation…Continue reading «On the Economics of Cognac»