Basel: Chocolate+Cognac+Art

I just got the following Email from a quite sophisticate young friend of mine who commutes between the US and Europe:

schieserPart of what makes Europe's charm is the fact that you can get hot chocolate from one of the Continent's best chocolatiers and a (hopefully) better than decent cognac, right next door to the local McDonald's. Now, all jokes and witty spiritualism aside, Art Basel is coming up, and two of the main attendants have teamed up with the city's best chocolate maker (which, yes, happens to neighbor a McDonalds). Indeed, Adam Lindemann and Paul Kasmin, prominent gallery owners and avid art collectors will team up with Confiserie Schiesser, in business since 1870,  to what they decided to call Confiserie Copley in honor of Lindemann's impressive current exhibit on the painter in his gallery in NY.



The café will serve cognac and hot chocolate every evening of the fair between 6pm-1am in rooms with custom, handmade wallpaper derived from Copley's work as well as several of his paintings on the walls.

While the idea may not be a new one, it is certainly a proven one: many enlightened people love their cognac with some chocolate, so combining that with an informal setting in a little café with plenty of potential for an educated conversation, seems like the recipe for a perfect evening to this humble friend of yours. Besides, nothing opens up my appetite like gawking at modern art pieces that will remain forever out of my financial reach and the prospect of good cognac and good company.

So if you intend to go to the Art Basel, my advice would be to pay a visit to Confiserie Copley, order a glass of cognac and a mug of chocolate and to sip them alone or with company talking about the day's find and planning the next day's course.  I can think of no better way to end a day rummaging through gallery after gallery of modern art.

They are here:

Confiserie Schiesserschiesser2
Marktplatz 19
CH-4051 Basel
Tel. +41 61 261 60 77


Well I won't be in Basel this time but I may go to Vinexpo in Bordeaux :-) But then check out Adam Lindemann's musings in his blog. He's one of the few really intelligently interesting characters of the art scene.