Bringing it All Back Home

I'm Back!

I have to apologize for this long hiatus of silence. I have spent lot of time and energy to solve a bunch of that sort of silly tribulations that life imposes sometimes on us. Well, I had to fight it out with a cohort of Euro bureaucrats eager to shake me down, and I didn’t have the time nor the frame of mind to write about the things I love, like say Cognac and l’Art de Vivre (the art of living doesn’t sound so enchanting, does it?) But then, here I am, back in my relatively secluded Island paradise.

Did I say paradise? Yes, and as you probably know that word in Cognac has a special meaning, it’s the most private and secured cellar where producers keep their absolutely best eaux-de-vie. Paradise on earth…

Let me tell you in any case that even during these trying weeks I had a couple of Cognacs d’Art to help me recover the control of my soul. A François Voyer – Hors d’Age in the evening and a faithful Vesper by Delamain can work marvels after a decent solo dinner in Paris. Along with a not too big Havana cigar…

The Hors d’Age by François Voyer is a very particular thing. It has a universe of aromas which could seem contradictory taken one by one, antagonistic two by two. But together in one’s glass they are an epic poem –have you read Voltaire’s Henriade?-, a Baroque painting , one of those marvels of chiaro-oscuro that you can see in Naples. Voyer is one of Cognac’s masters of harmony take my word.

And now, I promise to start answering the bunch of emails that are clogging my mailbox… Some of the questions are very interesting.