Club Cognac, The Meeting Point – European Cognac Region

Le Cognac has started a new exciting project. We are furiously working at launching the Club Cognac network worldwide.

Club Cognac chapters are now being started in the US East Coast and Europe, we are confident that there will also be an array of them in Asia very soon and we are looking forward to other countries.

If you are interested in joining a Club Cognac or even to found one, don’t hesitate, fill out the form below and we'll come back to you. If this is a club in your country or city we will forward them your e-mail and/or so that they contact you.

What is the Club Cognac about

In its simplest form a Club Cognac is just a group of Cognac lovers getting together to share tastings, tips and organize social gatherings. Registered chapters will be able to the purchase Cognac for their members directly from Cognac France at merchant/wholesale price, provide that their country’s regulation authorize that sort of transaction, of course. In countries like the USA, where spirits are heavily regulated, Club Cognac will assist chapters in finding Cognac friendly local wholesalers and retailers willing to offer them a substantial discount.

Members may continue to buy through Le Cognac at discounted rates

Most Cognac brands will be available through this program, even if for the big houses (Martell, Hennessey, etc.) we will somehow be forced to limit the catalog to their upscale products (a few VSOP, XO and better)

Club Cognac members will continue to be able to buy directly through Le Cognac, at discount rates which will depend on each producer’s policy. Unfortunately, no discounts can be applied to shipping charges, sorry and, as you know, they can be stiff, which advocates for buying through the Club.

Of course, Cognac lovers and professionals in the wine and food industry from anywhere around the world will continue to be able to ask Le Cognac for advice to find that particular cognac they are looking for, to get in touch with a producer, an exporter or an event organizer.

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