Congratulations to Frapin


In the International Spirits Challenge, more than 50 professionals participated in a blind tasting contest in awarding rankings for taste, aroma, appearance and finish. The Frapin Cognac House won both a gold medal and the trophy to the best 2013 Cognac.

The award went to a Grande Champagne, Frapin's 1991 vintage "Trésor du Château", the latest launch of the house. To the story belongs that the 1991 harvest was quite bad in terms of quatity. Harsh frost hit much of the region's vineyards and production of Cognac was severely curtailed.

Another award went to one of my favorite whiskies: Hibiki, a 21-year-old Japanese masterfully blended whisky which to me proves to which point oriental refinement has much to offer to the high-end spirits industry.

Anyway, I really long to taste "Trésor du Château," and I have to say that the award didn’t surprise me. I like Frapin’s product and one of them, their masterful Extra is among my favorites for special occasions (check it out here). The awards come handy to the Frapin House which, as quite a few other middle size Cognac houses has to recover from the shattering evolution of the Chinese market. In fact, Frapin was one of the houses (the others were Rémy Martin and Camus) targeted in March by the Chinese customs for allegedly containing excessive plasticizers, a less than credible accusation in my opinion. Read here what I wrote about that back then.