Courvoisier in Munich: Straight out of the barrique

Munich International Airport is in the A+ category in terms of duty free shops. It’s as elegant as duty free shops can get and these days AND they are opening a new store dedicated exclusively to Courvoisier. Marketing wise they’ll showcase the Voyage de Napoleon range. They are partnering with Maxxium Travel, one of the big players in that very competitive market.


As a new pitch, visitors can sample their products directly from the barrique while “aromas of crème brûlée, candied orange and iris flowers – all key notes of Courvoisier XO – are emitted around the store.”  (PR text dixit). Well, I’m not sure that I’m enthusiastic about the idea of someone “emitting aromas” around me while I’m tasting a decent Cognac (Courvoisier XO is one of the most decent big house Cognacs, by the way), but we live in the age of reality shows and under the tyranny of entrepreneurial PR guys, I’m afraid.


That sort of kitchy detail aside, I think it’s a very good move from Courvoisier. It’s smart having your desk in the middle of one of the busiest airports in the world, with thousands of travelers around every day trying to shake off the boredom of waiting for a connection to somewhere…

I read they’re going to be open until the end of July. If I were in their shoes I’d keep the place open all the time…