The Economist on China’s disquieting politics


Analects, the Economist enlightened commentator on all things Chinese, has published a very good post headlined "Political rebalancing Tilting Backwards" You can read it here:

Yet, I think one subtle point is missing in his otherwise insightful analysis. A careful re-reading of Hu Jintao's report at 18th Party Congress gives abundant if unpleasant food for thought. Make no mistake, it was drafted with one public in mind, and only one: the 80 M strong Communist Party, the biggest political organization in the world. The expression "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" appears again and again with a half dozen salutes to late Mao Tzedong. One feels that Mr. Hu Jintao was proposing a new ideological aircraft carrier (no pun intended), a new platform structured around three main lines:

1) Nationalism ma non troppo

2) A purge of the second generation CPC's cadres, including a generous share of corporate leaders, accusing them, of course, of corrupt, extravagant consumerist behavior and Western decadent obsession with luxury.

3) An in-depth re-organizing of the Party structure.

All in all, tough times aproaching for Cognac exporters. Time for them to remember that the rest of the world exists around China.

All in all, tough times approaching for Cognac exporters. Time also for them to remember that the rest of the world exists around China.