Heist of a Southern Wine and Spirits Cognac container, valued at a USD 250,000

magnus3Something is weird these days around Southern Wine and Spirits. They were just targeted in a heist that reminds the Elliot Ness times of prohibition's hijacking of trucks of booze. Only now the criminals steal by the container, get a booty of a quarter million dollars in a 8 minutes job and appear to be very well informed.

Here are the news:

Indianapolis police said 1,568 cases,  an entire container, of Hennessy Cognac were stolen from a trucking company in a southwest-side compound in Indianapolis. 

The container was to be delivered at Southern Wine and Spirits in Greenwood in a warehouse a mere 15 miles away of the trucking compound. Southern Wine and Spirits is the biggest liquor distributor in the USA.  Headquartered in Miami, it operates in 35 states and has warehouses in 28. Sources close to the investigation told Indianapolis RTV Ch 6-ABC News that this is the fourth container heist of liquor destined for Southern Wine and Spirits is the last few months. What is most intriguing is that the heists take place all over the nation: Two containers of expensive high-end vodka disappeared in Chicago and a container of wine was stolen in Florida, Southern Wine and Spirits home state.

In the Indianapolis case all points towards the thiefs being very well informed. Surveillance videos show them arriving at the gate at 4 a.m. on Sunday March 24 in their own cab truck and the cops believe they knew very well what they were after. Once they got inside, they bypassed more than 100 containers and drove to the back of the lot, where they hitched the Hennessy Cognac container onto their cab and drove out in less than eight minutes from the moment they broke in through the front gate.


A puzzled Indianapolis police says this is one of the largest and most expensive thefts they've ever seen. Depending on the bottle, Hennessy Cognac, distilled in France, goes for $30 to $75 a bottle. "This is a big, big theft. It's not your average shoplift, obviously. So this is by far, the biggest I've seen since I've been here," said Matt Morgan, with IMPD southwest district on RTV 6. 

Further: "There is a very limited base of people who knew what was in this particular container, so either someone knew or these guys just hit an absolute jackpot," Morgan said.

More than likely, the stolen Cognac is now on its way into the black market.

The company has offered a reward for information leading to the return of their cognac and the apprehension of the suspects involved. What amazes me is taht, believe it or not, the reward offered for information leading to the recovery of the Hennessy container is a princely $500 (five hundred).