Cheat sheet on Cognac distillation

The great majority of grapes are harvested mechanically, then pressed and set to ferment. The resulting white wine, pretty weak, around 8-9% alc/vol, is then distilled twice. In the Cognac region, harvest usually begins the…Continue reading «Cheat sheet on Cognac distillation»

Cheat sheet of the Cognac crus

Lars Peterson from Atlanta, Ga writes a very kind email and asks me about the different Cognac crus. There are a few pages on the subject elsewhere at Le Cognac, but let me give you…Continue reading «Cheat sheet of the Cognac crus»

Cognac Market Watch (1): China down, USA up

The data from the National Cognac Bureau that I quoted in yesterday’s post is very interesting and deserve a closer look because it points at what could be the future of Cognac in the coming 5-10 years….Continue reading «Cognac Market Watch (1): China down, USA up»

Cognac sales, well, could be worse but it isn’t good

Read an UPDATE HERE The last statistics of Cognac sales, published by the Bureau National du Cognac deserve a closer look. You may see them HERE Perhaps the most interesting is to compare the figures…Continue reading «Cognac sales, well, could be worse but it isn’t good»

Courvoisier in Munich: Straight out of the barrique

Munich International Airport is in the A+ category in terms of duty free shops. It’s as elegant as duty free shops can get and these days AND they are opening a new store dedicated exclusively…Continue reading «Courvoisier in Munich: Straight out of the barrique»

A radiant future and a somber present for the liquor industry in China

        The Chinese expect their domestic liquor industry to have extraordinary growth capability in the coming years. However at this moment it has to navigate an acute downturn caused by the government's…Continue reading «A radiant future and a somber present for the liquor industry in China»

The Best 10 Cognacs According to the Ranking of F. Paul Pacult

The 2013 edition of the widely quoted (and respected) Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal World’s Top 120 Spirits ranking has come out and it includes 10 Cognacs (see the list below). Five of them, including the…Continue reading «The Best 10 Cognacs According to the Ranking of F. Paul Pacult»

China, Cognac, Hollande, Politics and Bubbles

  Sweet Dreams are Made of This. Dreams are fashionable these days, not the  least in and about China. Take for instance the new Chinese leadership under Xi Jinping and their new propaganda leitmotiv, The Chinese…Continue reading «China, Cognac, Hollande, Politics and Bubbles»

A Physician, An Engineer & A Consultant

I occasionally do some consultancy stint. That profession boils down to going to someone's house and telling him or her how they should have their furniture organized, the color that best suit their walls and…Continue reading «A Physician, An Engineer & A Consultant»

Basel: Chocolate+Cognac+Art

I just got the following Email from a quite sophisticate young friend of mine who commutes between the US and Europe: Part of what makes Europe's charm is the fact that you can get hot chocolate…Continue reading «Basel: Chocolate+Cognac+Art»