Rémy Martin Cherche la Femme

I mean, ok, I admire the French inventiveness in many fields, but above all, when it comes to luxury. And this time around, Remy Martin has really done it again. They were (they still are!) licking their wounds after the disastrous news of the vanishing Chinese Eldorado and, voilà, there they go again. They asked themselves: Is there a market for Cognac bigger than China? 

Imagine all those dear hyper-rationalistic, over-Cartesians around a corporate table in Paris… (yeah, in Paris) And then someone shouts: Eureka! But of  course! (mais bien sûr!) Women! Cherchez la femme, as Hercule Poirot would have rightly said… And there they went, looking for a way to get women to appreciate and drink the Liquor of the Angels. Remy’s first idea, mind you, has amazed me. If they pull this one, they’ll make history. In Cognac and in the polymeric, kaleidoscopic world of luxury.

Merve Kahraman, a Turkish student Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, conceived marrying jewelry, glassware and Cognac but, above all, to create something that a woman could use not only to sip Cognac in, but also to wear it on her and épater le bourgeois in this time when socialites flash enormous tattoos. He designed a set of rings and necklaces coupled with a sniffer, made for sniffing and sipping Cognac and be superbly elegant and sophisticate. And Remy Martin bought the idea… While at it, Mr. Kahraman even created a leather arm strap to wear the rings if the lady feels they are a little bit too cumbersome to wear the whole night.

According to Remy’s media people, "Basically, we asked the students to link our cognac — the bottle, the decanteur and the way of tasting cognac — with the art of seduction.Merve investigated the tasting ritual from the feminine perspective."

Comrade Xi Jinping will now have a new case of Western decadence to add to the Seven Subversive Currents Menacing Chinese Society. And I dare not to imagine what Mr. Erdogan will think of it back home… And of course American feminists didn’t appreciate the idea either (Click here to see one of the most stupid posts of Huffington ever ). So, let me tell you some: I love it!

Congratulations Remy Martin, cheers to you Merve!

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