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  • Jenssen - Epiphanie


    A blend of very old Grande Champagne Cognacs who have reached full maturity after ageing in oak barrels. Discreet at first, this superior Cognac then unceasingly reveals new sets of aromas to the discerning nose.

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  • Raymond Ragnaud - Vieille Réserve 41° - Cristal Decanter

    15 years old eau-de-vie.
    Golden shade, fine and delicate nose.
    Both the bouquet and the taste are characteristic of Grande Champagne.
    Packaging: Luxury Cristal engraved Decanter with two engraved cognac glasses, in its blue box.

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  • Jean Grosperrin -1958- Petite Champagne 35 cl

    Collection Cognac – Artisan Vintage

    An old cognac which will astonish you by its complexity.
    Awarded 91/100 by Livets Goda (Sweden, 2008).          

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  • Leyrat - Très Vieux

    Deep old gold in colour.
    The nose epitomises Cognac having been aged for a prolonged period with a panoply of spicey and cigar-box aromas. With time oakier notes appear and damp leafy humus with a hint of forest mushroom.
    The palate is long and spicy with honey and a slightly dry finish typical of such venerable Cognac.

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  • A. de Fussigny - Collection - Vintage -1969-

    Vintage cognac bottled under the very strict law in regards to the production of cognac vintage. All vintages are certified by the authority.

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  • Hine -1983- Early Landed

    For each exceptional year, HINE sets aside casks specifically for vintages.
    The Early Landed are aged in bonded cellars near Bristol (UK) under the guard of the local authority.

    In 1983, Australia won the America's cup for the first time in its history, the US having won for the last 132 years.

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  • Hine - Triomphe

    Created in 1888 by Edouard HINE to celebrate the victory of man over the phylloxera disease, which completely eradicated French vineyards.
    An exceptional blend of over 50 selected rare cognacs, coming exclusively from the Grande Champagne district.

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  • Cognac DEAU LOUIS MEMORY Distillerie des Moisans

    Year 1665: During the reign of Louis XIV, Louis DEAU settles in the cognac region Cognac LOUIS MEMORY was blended as a tribute to the family's ancestor. This Grande Champagne XO is smooth and well balanced, very generous to the mouth with an endless lingering after taste. The eldest eaux de vie were harvested at the beginning of XXth century and the youngest in 1970's. It is characterised by an exceptionally long after taste that is very intense and complex. Best sipped straight, ideally in a tulip glass with a good cigar. The masterpiece of the family Collection, indeed. Learn More
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  • Château de Beaulon - XO - Millésime VINTAGE 1975-

    Cognac XO Vintage 1975
    Irresistible, with gift tube.

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  • Jean Grosperrin -1965- Petite Champagne

    Collection Cognac – Artisan Vintage

    Do you remember the Petite Champagne 1962 at 62.8°? This batch from 1965 was produced by the same person, distilled in the same alambic and aged in the same cellar. Like those of 1961, 1962 and 1964, this cognac comes from a family who has been located close to the village of Châteauneuf for nearly 80 years. This remarkable cognac was distilled in an old still of 10 HL powered by coal briquette. The records were particularly well kept and they were confirmed by C14 dating.

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