The House of HINE stands on the banks of the River Charente, deep in Cognac country. In the ancient cellars behind, little has changed in 250 years. Always locked, they protect the finest vintages. This is one of the oldest houses in Jarnac, and has always been the company's headquarters.
From the quay in front, barges took HINE's precious cognacs on the first stage of their journey to all parts of the world.
Thomas Hine & Co., has acquired in 2004 an exceptional estate of 120 hectares (296 acres) of land in the celebrated Grande Champagne district of the delimited Cognac region. It is situated in the tiny parish of Bonneuil, on the gently undulating hills above the picturesque Colinaud valley.
The estate is a truly exceptional property, with a perfect north to south position giving long hours of warm summer sunshine to ripen the grapes. Lying at the very heart of the Grande Champagne on thick chalky soil it produces the finest cognacs in the whole region. These may be called "Premier Crus" or "First Growths", and are cognacs with great finesse, floral bouquet, elegance and renowned longevity. Currently there are 70 hectares of established vines in peak production with an average age of around 25 years old. The remaining land is covered by woods and pasture. The estate is cultivated using natural farming techniques.
This acquisition enables Thomas Hine & Co. to extend their range of first class cognacs available for the enjoyment of cognac connoisseurs around the world. Hine will, of course, continue to work with all their other long standing suppliers, many of whom they have known for generations and are familiar with the exacting, high production standards set by Hine for their eaux-de-vie.

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