Choose the house proposes you a selection of major Cognacs but also some more discreet Houses with excellent qualities.

Each House has a several generations know-how, and its own 'style' and 'taste'.

This variety is interesting, just as for wines, all Houses have to be discovered and compared.


Maison Jean Fillioux, family domain in Grande Champagne, 'bouilleur de cru'


'Négociant' (Merchant) houses 

The 'Merchant' Houses have no or small vineyard. They buy their eaux-de-vie to the vine-growers of the region just after distilation. Then they age and blend their cognacs in their own cellars.

The six major Cognac houses are Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell, Courvoisier, Camus and Otard.
The major Cognac houses represent 90% of the world sales with more than 150 millions bottles.
Fine presentation and marketing but also know – how of the Cellar Master are the key points of these majors.


'Bouilleur de cru' cognac

The Cognacs of “Bouilleur de cru” is made by wine-growers who distillate only their own harvest. They also have their Brands, often more confidential but original and authentic. The connoisseurs also appreciate those small Houses with exclusive products.


The Château de Beaulon, family domain in Fins Bois, 'bouilleur de cru'



Le Cognac is dedicated to further the presence of the small Cognac Houses in the global market.
It is present in the USA through its participation in Cognac Inc, a licensed importer of high-end Cognacs
and animates Club Cognac, a worldwide network of Cognac lovers and sommeliers.
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