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Only the years of storage in oak barrels count


Once transfered into glass, the Cognac stops maturing. It stands still.


A Cognac may be sold only when its youngest eau-de-vie reaches a minimum of two and a half years old, as of the first day of October following the harvest of the grapes.


V.S   (for Very Special), also called *** (or Three Stars) is at least two and a half years old. Its youngest eau-de-vie is under four and a half years old.
V.S.O.P  ( for Very Superior Old Pale), also called Reserve, its youngest eau-de-vie is between four and a half and six and a half years old.
A  Napoleon, or X.O  (for Extra Old ), also called Hors d'âge, its youngest eau-de-vie is at least six and a half years old.
Most Cognac houses will use Cognacs much older than those required by law, allowing X.Os to reach a minimum of twenty years old, in order to reveal their very best.


The aim of ageing in oak casks is to make the aromas evolve.  

- from 1 to 3 years : bright aromas of the young eau-de-vie, mixed progressively with fresh wooden notes. 

- from 4 to 8 years : the aromas begin to be floral, wood is now a part of the cognac taste.

- from 8 to 12 years : floral notes are still there, and give place to fruit aromas (peach, apricot, plum) that will develop until about 15 years old. 

- from 15 to 25 years : dry fruit character (nuts, walnuts) becomes dominating, mixed with the first spicy notes. This mix of subtile aromas give to cognac its famous "rancio", characteristic of old cognacs. Floral tones are still present.

- over 25 years, spicy notes will increase, combined to dry fruits. The "rancio" will be more and more present. 


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