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The Vintage Cognacs are the ideal gift for special occasions as anniversaries, weddings or any important occasion.

Vintage Cognacs are made from eaux de vie of a single year. It’s the year indicated on the label. You must check the date of bottle-filling to know how long was the ageing in oak casks. 

Vintage Cognac is unique and rare since very limited quantities are available. Only a few distillers are wise enough to put aside the good years part of their production to be certified as a specific vintage. Since the 50’s Certification is granted by the Bureau du Cognac or alternatively by sworn brokers. The Eaux de vie must be stored in a cellar opening with two keys : one key for the House and one key to a legal representative of the BNIC or French Customs. 

Limited quantities of Old VIntages can still be found. These cognacs are kept in glass jars to guarantee a perfect protection. Younger Vintages are often available from the best vintage years.

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