The Medallists

The Medalists



Each year, great national and international competitions are organized to reward the best wines and spirits.

Participation to these competitions is a voluntary act from the Houses who want to have an recognition from independent juries.


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The International Wine and Spirit Competition

The International Wine and Spirit Competition’s aim is to promote the quality and excellence of the world's best wines, spirits and liqueurs. All follow a rigorous two stage judging process of professional blind tasting and detailed (chemical and microbiological) analysis.

In 2007, Cognac XO gold medal was awarded to Cognac Gautier XO Pinar Del Rio Petite Champagne
The Judges Tasting Notes Biscuity, displaying rich chocolate notes. Warm spiciness. Smooth at start then offering a warm spicy burst. A touch of old leather on the finish. Quite hearty.
Gold medal for VSOP was awarded to ABK6 VOP Super Premium NC du Maine Drilhon - Vignobles Francis Abécassis
Judges Tasting Notes: Complex, floral with a light spicy festoon. Toasted wood shaves and ripe fruit. An impressive rich and creamy vanilla delivery on the palate. Superb length. An enticing and rewarding.
Gold medal for VS Cognac was granted to Prince Hubert de Polignac VS

Judges Tasting Notes: A refined nose revealing lovely plum notes and a touch of prunes. Smooth, classic, harmoniously balanced. Soft and mellow on the palate, with a nutty and fruity flavor. An excellent introduction to cognac and quite complex for a VS.


Concours Mondial Bruxelles

The Concours Mondial is an international, professional competition whose aim is to reward the best wines and spirits produced worldwide.

Since 2006, the Concours Mondial decided to reinforce its International character by going beyond its borders. After a first and successful experience in Portugal, the organisers decided to continue with this idea and in 2007 took the event to Maastricht, one of the foundation blocks of the construction of Europe. 
In 2008, the Concours took place at the heart of some of the most famous of the world’s vineyards, in Bordeaux.
Despite these peregrinations the Concours nevertheless remains faithful to its ‘AO’ and link with Bruxelles, the capital of Europe.
The jury is composed solely of professional tasters, personalities and renowned experts in the field of wine: Oenologists, sommeliers, journalists, wine writers and international buyers and traders.
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2008 Gold Medal : François Voyer Cognac XO

Concours Saveurs Poitou-Charentes

Created in 1981, the "Concours des Saveurs Régionales" Poitou-Charentes (France) is now known to be the reference competition for regional products.

In 2007 :
H.MOUNIER S.A. Prince Hubert de Polignac COGNAC V.S.O.P.
DENIS Jacques     COGNAC X.O.


Challenge international du vin

The Challenge International du Vin is the biggest French international wines competition and one of the most famous wine event in the world. Optimal tasting conditions (partitioned tasting rooms, precise score sheets, carefully selected tasters, wines properly classified, and so on).

Each year, this highly-professional event brings together 1,000 experienced judges for blind tastings of over 5,000 wines from around forty countries.
The results of this tasting identify prize-winning wines from all over the world: a selection of gold, silver, and bronze medal-winners to match the expectations of international markets.



Les Citadelles du vin

The Citadelles du Vin is an international wine and spirits competition endorsed by the O.I.V (Office International de la Vigne et du Vin). Through the years, it has made its mark as one of the leading events in the world of wine.
Created in 1992, the purpose of this prestigious competition is to discover and highlight some of the best wines on the planet by awarding them trophies.
Whatever country they come from, all wines (still, sparkling, dessert wines, grape brandies, etc.) are entitled to enter this competition.
With 70% of its entries from abroad, the international dimension of the event is omnipresent.
In total, some 30 nations take part in the competition.
Over 300 appellations are represented.

All the tasters at this competition are recognised professionals who come from all over the world to speak a single language : that a passion of the great wine. These professionals, from 5 continents, give the competition its cultural diversity and guarantee that the results are not weighted with regard to national preferences.
The majority of the experts are top-level oenologists approved by the OIV.
Trophée CITADELLES 2008 (Gold Medal)
TROPHEE PRESTIGE 2008 (Bronze Medal)



London International Spirit Challenge

The International Spirits Challenge, now in its 13th year, is leading the way tasting and promoting outstanding quality spirits from around the world.  Each year nearly a thousand spirits from across the globe are rigorously judged and tasted by the industry’s leading international spirits experts, many flown in from around the world. The commercial benefits of winning one of the prestigious ISC awards are huge, reaching all levels from distiller to retailer.

Cognac François Voyer XO Gold Medal 2008
Cognac Frapin Multimillésime Gold Medal 2008

Cognac Delamain Millésime 1973 Gold Medal 2008


See our selection of Medalists

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